Windows Terminal 1.13 release and Windows Terminal Preview 1.14 release

The stable version of Windows Terminal 1.13 has been released, which includes all the features that were available in the preview version. You can read more about the changes in our article.

At the same time, there was released a new preliminary version of Windows Terminal Preview 1.14, which is dedicated to fixing bugs and improving the application.

Attention! Windows Terminal 1.13+ requires Windows 10 version 20H1 or later (build 19041 or later).

Window background image (experiment)

If you wanted panels in Windows Terminal to appear on top of a single background image applied to the entire window, now you can. Previously, each of the panels used its own background.

Global setting experimental.useBackgroundImageForWindow allows you to apply the background image of the current profile to the entire window:

"experimental.useBackgroundImageForWindow": true

New actions

  • You can now select all text in the Windows Terminal buffer with the action selectAllwhich is bound to a keyboard shortcut by default ctrl+ Shift+ A.

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