World Sleep Day 2021: 5 apps that will help you sleep better

March 19 this year will be celebrated around the world as World Sleep Day. The annual event is to celebrate one of the most important parts of our daily routine. World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Society’s World Sleep Day Committee and the purpose of this day is to raise awareness of sleep-related issues and to prevent and manage sleep disorders.

While the event sets an annual date for sleep disturbances and how to prevent them, it is important for people to maintain a healthy sleep cycle every day. Proper sleep for 6-8 hours is important for the body and its high performance. However, we often lose track of our reduced sleep time as our lives continue to be occupied by studies, work and play.

To ensure that you maintain a healthy sleep cycle, here are seven apps that will help you get the right amount of shut-eye.

Calm down

Calm meditation app that you can use before bed. Like most apps on the list, Calmness will help you fall asleep faster with bedtime stories, cool music, and guided lessons on minimal relaxation movements. The free version of the app should help more people get out of bed and deal with problems such as anxiety. However, users can also subscribe to engage in certain paid content.


Headspace is all about meditation and using meditation techniques to calm your mind. In addition to sleep sounds that help you relax well, the app also has a lot of lessons all based on topics around living comfortably with others. The app also has clever tricks like exploiting the speaker voice to make it bigger or softer than the background ambient sounds. The free version of the app will give you a limited number of sessions per day, but you can always go for a premium and get unlimited access to content.

Undo music

Relax Melodies, as the name suggests is an app that can play a variety of sounds to help you fall asleep, and maintain good sleep. You can set the app to play music all night or turn it off after a certain time. The amount of sleep sounds you get here is limited when using the free version. However, there is another catch – you can’t use another app when Relax Melodies is running. This, however, can actually be a good thing and reduce distractions so you can fall asleep faster.


Noisli also gives you relaxing sounds. However, its main feature is the ability to customize your sounds as per your taste and size to make your own sound. Noisli can be used for anything from drowning to annoying sounds when trying to work, to set the ideal stage for a good night”™s sleep. The free version gets you 16 sounds and 15 hours of streaming per day, while the paid version gets you 28 sounds, unlimited streaming, and other features.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that helps you monitor your sleep time and patterns. The app also has some nice features on top of its sleeve, including monitoring your sleep in real time by analyzing the sounds you make with your phone. This can be used to wake you up when your body is in a very sleepy state, therefore, it allows you to wake up and feel refreshed. You can also set an alarm nearby so the app doesn’t wake you up too late. Premium features include details of how the weather affects your sleep, as well as the ability to take sleep notes, among other features.


Did you know that your Apple/some Android Watch can track traditional sleep?

Sleep tracking can be very accurate and understandable with the help of a dress like the Apple Watch/ Android watches. Apple/ Android Watch lets you create a sleep schedule and process to help you access your sleep numbers. The Apple Health app or watchmaking company supporting android app will also help track your sleep. When you get enough sleep the Apple Watch haptic alarm feature can also wake you up quietly, without disturbing the sleep of those around you.


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