Worldwide PC shipments fall sharply in Q2 2022

Global shipments of personal computers suffered the steepest decline in nine years in the June quarter, Gartner market research showed preliminary estimates released on Tuesday. A total of 72 million PCs were sold worldwide during the quarter, down 12.6% from the previous year.

Europe, the Middle East and Africa combined saw the highest decline of 18%, while the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan) saw PC shipments fall by 5.2%. International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates, released on Monday, showed a larger decline in global PC shipments of 15.3% during the quarter.

Gartner’s results do not specifically address the India region, which has been one of the fastest-growing PC markets since the pandemic. However, Navkendar Singh, director of research at IDC India, pointed out that growth in the consumer segment has also slowed in India, although the commercial segment continues to show some demand. The recession affected buyer sentiment. “Cautious spending by consumers and a return to mainstream devices like smartphones once schools open” are some of the other factors that have influenced the market, Singh said. “The commercial segment is doing well so far. However, it may also see a delay in purchases due to recession and slowdown fears,” he added.


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