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It is the quality of content you write for any real estate company that comes with search engine optimization tools that determine the required level of online presence of any real estate firm.

Based on my experience as a real estate and SEO content writer, my ultimate goal is to drive traffic to the real estate firm’s website I work for by writing content. By using good SEO practices and encouraging site visitors to connect with and use the services of a real estate firm I also fulfill my desire to write. Note the word ‘write’. I am writing to fulfill my wish and not to blurt out all the keywords that, although technically they offer a high ranking but are good enough to be a piece of recycling bin material.

After all, who reads those useless SMSs that fill your inbox with unwanted advertising messages for real estate? To be a content writer … you have to be honest and SEO has to be honest. There is a balance between the two. It should first be clear that you are not listing search engines, bots or spiders.

Before I write about any topic for real estate, I first read all the restrictions on end users and present to them the real feeling of living in the area, voicing any concerns that need to be highlighted and providing all the details. When I’m done giving students a sense of belonging, that’s when I improve. The order must remain the same and never be the opposite.

Searching for your website can be easy if you are a passionate writer with knowledge of SEO tools.

Here are some tips to help you improve your unity:

Search what people are looking for: Keywords

Choose your keywords carefully because they are the most important part of developing your content. If your keyword matches what users are searching for then you have done your job well. Keyword analysis using a keyword research tool will improve the visibility of content by combining long tails that are not so competitive with broad keywords to achieve the target you want.

Keyword congestion

Provide a great CHA to focus your writing on keywords. Remember, it is always content that should make sense and not keywords. 98% must be your original content and only provide 2% of your keywords. Keep that tight.

Descriptive title

In addition to providing a topic in writing you should provide a general related information about the article you are posting.

Spread the points

Including clues, letters or numbers in your writing helps to convey your message clearly.

Beat the bulls eye: Geo-target

You need to know where your target readers are. Your site can be anything, be it a luxury apartment, first-time real estate buyers, real estate owned by REO bank, low prices, newly built homes, retail space, retailer list, investment location etc. The keyword ‘luxury apartment in Gurgaon’ is highly searchable, so SEO should refer to Gurgaon as a specific destination. It is also necessary to keep the content fresh and informative. Geo-targeting gives your website authority a local title, thus, delivering more focused traffic with a higher conversion rate.

Use a Twitter card

It is a very trending strategy to promote the product on Twitter. It offers different types of card options like snapshot, product, photo, big photo snapshot, app and gallery. Then there is the lead generation card. This also helps in new setup when pages are tweeted by search engines.

Add media related files

Adding media-related items such as videos or photos improves visibility. Infographics is another trending tool popular with SEO. Much of the information is easily transmitted through symbolic representations and content.

It is a sudden rise in the advent of online marketing that has led to an increase in high-quality content. Otherwise, who would have thought to pay you for writing your own argument? After all it is your bite that you want to get rid of there and the payment has never been considered!

Content writing has finally become a major field and this growth is only possible thanks to the advent of technology. Digital content creation that has changed the outcome of seeing you as a savior of products that look forward to a promotion or a signature statement that supports the image of any organization. After all, technology that produces both a pen and a sword, but the ultimate power goes to the pen.

Source by Sumit Kumar Das


I am Sanjit Gupta. I have completed my BMS then MMS both in marketing. I even did a diploma in computer software and Digital Marketing.

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