Xiaomi confirms the launch date of the new Mi Mix device

Xiaomi Mi Mix is ”‹”‹one of the devices making headlines imported by a Chinese company. The smartphone manufacturer has now confirmed that the next generation of Mi Mix will be launched soon. The launch of the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro launch is scheduled for March 29 and the Mi Mix will be unveiled at the same time.

The launch of the new generation Xiaomi Mi Mix was confirmed by Weibo (Chinese social media platform) where the company held the name ‘MIX Coming Back’. Aside from the launch date, Xiaomi successfully kept the new smartphone under wraps. No official teaser or suggestion of what kind of device we are expecting. However, it is safe to assume that Xiaomi will try something that does not fit the form with the new Mi Mix.

The Mi Mix fist has pushed the limits to the limit of body weight. The phone is introduced with a different front-facing camera placement to insert a border on the border screen. The Mi Mix Alpha was released last year and came with a unique cover on the screen that attracted the attention of tech lovers.

With the latest version of Mi Mix, Xiaomi could end up in the folding screen display category. Currently, South Korean manufacturers Samsung and Motorola have been able to produce folding phones at commercial level. Samsung currently sells the Galaxy Fold line-up and the Galaxy Flip series with folding displays. Motorola entered the category with the Moto Razr.

Xiaomi may want to put their bart forward when it comes to the new part.

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