YouTube discloses an increase in violation videos

Nearly 1.6 million views on YouTube of 1 billion in videos in violation of its content policies, and nearly a year ago, Google’s broadcast service owned by Alphabet Inc said this in a new revelation on Tuesday.

“VVR error rate” (VVR) has dropped by more than 70% since it was first followed in the fourth quarter of 2017, says YouTube, and is showing its progress in preventing hate speech and other videos it considers harmful before spreading.

Critics say the lack of policing by YouTube and other social media companies fuels the spread of false and hateful propaganda, fueling deadly violence such as the US Capitol attack in January.

YouTube’s VVR was unstable in the last six quarters, according to new data, starting in 2020.

Jennifer O’Connor, product director at YouTube, told the media that she was optimistic that the total quota would continue to make us accountable.

He said the standard, like other enforcement data released by YouTube, could change as its technology, rules and users changed. For example, YouTube removed nearly 171,000 hate speech channels in the fourth quarter, three times more than in the past. It is important to skip the advanced acquisition technology.

VVR contains all policy violations and is based on a sample of videos. Excludes ideas from videos.

Facebook Inc issues the same rating but does not include abuse, spam and other offenses. Additionally, Facebook said at least 15 million of the 1 billion views in the fourth quarter were content that violated its anti-adult nudity and sex laws, violent or explicit material and hate speech.

Counting criticism of “self-disclosure” itself, Facebook last year said it would hire an external auditor to investigate its disclosure.

O’Connor of YouTube on Monday declined to commit to an external audit but said he “would not accept that.”

This article was published from a wire agency feed without text editing.


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