YouTube even before publishing will check the copyright

YouTube is the world’s largest repository of documentaries, DIY tutorials, cat videos, movie trailers, parodies, and much more, making it one of the most sought after platforms for advertisers seeking access to the company’s 2,000 login users. However, with billions of users and millions of videos uploaded, YouTube is always looking for ways to stop one of its biggest problems – copyrighted content has been misused on the platform.

The company has already issued checks that may identify copyrighted content, but a new XDA report suggests that the site will now look for potential copyright infringement before the video is even uploaded to the site. The site appears to be checking out a new video upload functionality that adds another category before editing the final appearance, according to a screenshot shared by link Matt Navarra posted below.

The accordion reporting tool will basically launch the content you just uploaded through YouTube’s YouTubeID program that will let you know if what you just uploaded matches the Google database for copyrighted content. If so, you can cancel the upload and delete the incorrect parts.

It is still important to note, that even if your video exceeds the GoogleID ContentID check and you receive the message “no problems found”, this does not mean it is clear. As YouTube comments on the screenshot: “Remember. These test results are not final. There may be issues that will affect your video in the future. ”This makes it look like your video is still being labelled a recording label after it has been removed by Google, so content creators do well to keep that in mind when uploading videos even after the feature has been released to everyone.


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