YouTube expands monetisation plans to Shorts video creators

YouTube expands monetization plans to Shorts video creators

YouTube says Shorts are “exploding globally” with more than 30 billion daily views and more than 1.5 billion monthly logged in users

Google-owned video platform YouTube announced on September 20 that it will expand its monetization plan called the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to allow more creators to earn through Shorts videos.

YouTube has shared new ways that PPY will allow creators of both long and short videos to earn revenue and benefit from ad monetization in the future.

Starting in 2023, YouTube Shorts creators with 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in 90 days can sign up for this plan. The streaming platform will also introduce a program tier with lower entry requirements to support early-career YouTubers.

While the company has a fixed pool for creators, it plans to switch to a revenue-sharing model for Shorts next year. Since ads play between videos in the Shorts feed, monthly ad revenue will be added and used to reward the creators of the shorts.

“Of the total amount allocated to the authors, they will keep 45% of the revenue divided based on their share of the total number of views of the Shorts,” the company said.

Music content

The company also announced Creator Music, designed for content creators to access a wide selection of music for their work while paying original artists and music rights holders. Creator Music is currently in beta in the US and is expected to launch globally next year.

“Creators can now purchase affordable, high-quality music licenses that offer them full monetization potential – retaining the same share of revenue they would normally receive from videos without music,” the company said.

YouTube claims Shorts is “exploding globally” with more than 30 billion daily views and more than 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users.

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Indian market

In India, YouTube Shorts are a popular source of “infotainment” for viewers and mobile users. She also encouraged regional language content creators as well as Indian residents to not only share diverse content but also monetize it.

Viewers also seem to be in favor, as channels where artists shared both short and long videos saw longer watch times and increases in subscribers compared to creators who didn’t post Shorts.

“Creators who represent the true flavor of their districts/regions are having their moment in the sun,” the company said. “We see content from across the country, with creators interacting with fans in Marathi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Bengali and many more. What’s even more interesting is that we see content being created in different dialects as well.”

Launched in 2007, YouTube’s affiliate program has paid out more than $50 billion to creators, artists and media companies over the past three years, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

YouTube’s move to share revenue with short video creators comes as tech and social media companies race to beat rival video-making platform TikTok, whose biggest market is the US.


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