YouTube is exploring that auto-detect product in the video

YouTube is testing a feature that will automatically find products in other videos. The feature will also show a list of related videos. YouTube is currently testing this feature with a small group of users in the US.

“We’re trying a new feature that displays a list of products found in other videos, as well as related products. A feature will appear among the recommended videos by viewers browsing under the video player. The purpose is to help people explore more videos and information about those products on YouTube. This feature will be visible to people watching videos in the US, ”YouTube said in a post.

According to a 9to5Google report, YouTube has begun testing this feature with a small group of users by 2020. It now seems to extend to more users. The report also revealed that there is no clarity on the implementation of this new feature.

A new feature comes after YouTube announced a new content creator tool. The tool will automatically inspect the videos and alert the creators of potential copyright claims and ad limit restrictions before the creators publish the videos.

The aim is to make it easier for YouTube creators to avoid copyright claims and make better video revenue. For example, if a copyright claim is received, the creators will have the option to find a way to resolve the issue. The creators will have many options to get help from YouTube to deal with problems. In the event that the creators believe they have not violated copyright laws, they may dispute the claim and seek a review.

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