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YouTube Shorts Coming to Android Smart TVs Soon, Report Says

Google-owned YouTube is set to launch its Shorts video app on its YouTube TV smart TV app.

The company informed its partners about support for YouTube short videos for the YouTube app for Android TV and Google TV, the protocol found.

YouTube Shorts have reached 30 billion daily views and are growing exponentially.

According to the report, YouTube TV also plans to allow viewers to watch up to four live streams simultaneously through a new feature called “Mosaic Mode.”

YouTube isn’t the first service to bring short vertical videos to the TV screen.

TikTok has been experimenting with smart TV interfaces for a while now.

“YouTube TV will get something called Mosaic Mode, which will allow subscribers to watch up to four live channels simultaneously by dividing the TV screen into quadrants,” the report said.

At least one of the new features could arrive in an update “in the coming months.”


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